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File size Date Uploaded Submitted by Utility 233kb 10th February 2002 Lee Swordy
Version 1.2 of Ttools. This package allows you to program the AI traffic. You can view and modify existing AI flight plans or create new ones. You can change aircraft models, tail numbers and flight numbers. You can create new AI flight schedules and increase or modify the type of
traffic at selected airports and generally make the AI traffic do what you want, within limits. Replaces Ttools v1.1. By Lee Swordy. Module 266kb 7th February 2002 JGlossop
World Wide ICAO Code Search utility. 21028 ICAO codes and airport names. Works in FS98/2000/2002. By Widmann Andreas Application 343kb 6th February 2002 John Consterdine
An application (not a gauge) that opens a screen displaying local A.I. aircraft separate from FS2002 itself. Requires FSUIPC. By Project Magenta. Module 509kb 3rd February 2002 John Consterdine
Updated module for FS2002 version 2.82. Replaces v2.81. Click here for update details. By Peter L. Dowson. Utility 75kb 2nd February 2002 Mal Lloyd
Version 2 contains the same information as version 1 but in 3 lists in table format. Each list provides the information in a different order. All lists are now in Word format only. Version 1 remains available for users who do not have access to Word or Wordpad. By Mal Lloyd. Utility 16kb 29th January 2002 Mal Lloyd
This list comprises of the aircraft type designators that are recognised by FS2002 ATC, the ATC voice response, and the corresponding manufacturer and model of that aircraft. The Microsoft designator list is a mixture of ICAO designators, manufacturer designators, and some military designators. All civil designators have been verified against ICAO document 8643. By Mal Lloyd. Utility 1.4mb 13th January 2002 Tommy “ Sir Mad Dawg ” Phillips
This is Grabber 2K. The purpose of this great free utility is to take screen shots. What makes this different from the others? It can automatically take your screenshots at your set interval times, auto saving them to where you tell it. You can set the options on this one to take a SS when you press a button, automatically without doing anything or both automatically as well when ever you press the button. Saving in JPG or BMP format. By by Rad2k Systems. Utility 38kb 27th December 2001 Frans Bergmans
ACLoadFix is a small (FREEWARE) DOS-utility for fixing several 'errors' found in the aircraft.cfg files that ACLoader 3.21 creates. By Frans Bergmans. FS2000 Utilitiy 79kb 21st December 2001 P.Pitman
A utility to stop the need for having the CD in your drive when running FS2000 in Windows XP (and possibly Windows 2000 and NT although untested for these systems). Works with FS2000 Pro version ONLY! Author unknown. Utility 1kb 29th November 2001 D.Deering
This file will remove the Badtrans (abbr.) virus from your P.C. if you have been unfortunate enough to contract it. Simply unzip it and double click it. Utility 26kb 1st November 2001 John Consterdine 
A handy utility that enables you to take screenshots and have them automatically saved as bmp files. This avoids the need for constantly pausing the sim to paste the clipboard image into a graphics package. Will store up to 1000 screenshots without overwriting them. By Matthias Holzer. Utility 2.54mb 30th October 2001 John Consterdine 
Cfgedit is a freeware panel editor by Ed Struzynski (Published here with his kind permission). 'Drag and drop' or a variety of other methods are available for editing. Works with FS98-2002. (To get it to work in FS2002 select the FS2000 option inside the program and select "FSMode and root directory" from the options menu - then point it at your MAIN FS2002 directory.) Utility 1011kb 23rd October 2001 Lars Klüver
DAP 5 - Download Accelerator Protocol is a program which speeds up your download, by downloading from 4 or 5 mirror sites at the same time. It has a resume function. Utility 1189kb  22nd October 2001  John Consterdine
Splits large files into smaller sections for e-mailing.